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Basic education

  • 2008 — M.D. from I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
  • 2009 — internship training in therapeutics
  • 2010 — internship training in anaesthesiology and resuscitation science
  • 2012 — internship training in psychiatry
  • 2013 — retraining in psychotherapy

Training courses

  • “Ericksonian Hypnosis and Therapy” (Mikhail Ginzburg, Dr. of Sc.)
  • “Advanced techniques of Ericksonian Hypnosis” (Dr. Jean Becchio, France)
  • “Classic of Ericksonian Hypnosis” (Betty Alice Erickson, PhD, LPC, USA)
  • “Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy” (Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, USA)
  • “Vision, life style, and lyfe myth” (Reini Hauser, PhD, Switzerland)
  • “Spirituality and addiction: yearning for the altered states of consciousness” (Reini Hauser, PhD, Switzerland, Viktoria Saat, Estonia)
  • “How family ghosts and cultural heritage form our relationships and communication styles” (Kate Jobe, MA, USA)
  • “Hypnosis and pain” (Dr. Claude Virot, France)
  • “In the fire of attraction: sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality” (Reini Hauser, PhD, Switzerland, Viktoria Saat, Estonia)
  • “New lessons of hypnosis” (Bill O'Hanlon, PhD, USA)
  • “CBT for psychosis in psychoanalytic frame” (Michael Garrett, USA)
  • “Worldwork I: Field, roles and ghost-roles. Deep democracy of team work” (Kate Jobe, MA, USA)
  • “Schema Therapy for Personality Disorders” (Marleen Rijkeboer, PhD, Hannie van Genderen, MSc, Netherlands)
  • “Six Channel Analysis — Realtime (SCAnR)” (Cliff Lansley, Aaron Garner, United Kingdom)
  • “Introduction in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Principles” (Thomas Kalpakoglou, PhD, Greece)
  • “Worldwork II: Conflict facilitation in groups and teams. Diversity as a key for changes.” (Reini Hauser, PhD, USA)
  • “Introduction to Process Work” (Reini Hauser, PhD, Switzerland)
  • “Generative Coaching and the Self-Leadership State” (Stephen Gilligan, PhD, USA)
  • “CBT for Panic and Agorafobia” (Jürgen Margraf, PhD, Germany)
  • “Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC)” (Aaron Garner, United Kingdom, Mikhail Krapivin, Russia)
  • “Micro expressions training tool (METT): Expert level”(Paul Ekman Group)
  • “Subtle expressions training tool (SETT): Expert level”(Paul Ekman Group)
  • “Foundations of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT with Heart?)” (40 hours, Adrian Hemmings, UK)
  • “Interpersonal psychotherapy” (Scott Stuart, USA)
  • “Acceptance and mindfulness for CBT and psychological therapists” (Joe Oliver, United Kingdom)
  • “ACT for depression and anxiety” (Joe Oliver, United Kingdom)
  • “CBT for anorexia nervosa” (Gillian Todd, PhD, United Kingdom)
  • “CBT for bulimia nervosa” (Gillian Todd, PhD, United Kingdom)
  • “Schema therapy for couples” (Eckhard Roediger, MD, Germany)
  • “Basic course of clinical hypnosis” (32 hours; Susanna Carolusson, MSc, lic psychologist, lic Psychotherapist, Sweden; affiliated to the European and International Society of Hypnosis)
  • “Transference focused psychotherapy for borderline and narcissistic personality disorder” (72 hours; O.Kernberg, MD, F. Yeomans, MD, PhD, USA)
  • “Didactic training in Metacognitive Reflection and Insight Therapy” (14 hours; Paul Lysaker, PhD, USA)

Attended conferences

  • XIX International Hypnosis Congress, Bremen, Germany, 2012
  • The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, Anaheim, CA, USA, 2013
  • XIII Congress of the European Society of Hypnosis, Sorrento, Italy, 2014
  • XX International Congress of Hypnosis, Paris, France, 2015
  • The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, Anaheim, CA, USA, 2017
  • Conference of the International Society of Transference Focused Therapy, Barcelona, Spain, 2018
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